Why do I write?

My passion is mountains. Judith Safford at Dossenhorn
I love to be in the mountains

As someone with an incurable musculoskeletal disease called Spondyloarthritis, my blog will reflect and explain what I do to keep this potentially crippling illness at bay.

My passion is going to the mountains and I don’t want illness to stop me. In summer 2017 I had a project to climb sixteen of Switzerland’s highest peaks. You can read whether, and why I did it here, or watch my TED Talk about the tour, together with a call for more research into rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases.

In my blogs where I reflect about living with Spondyloarthritis: stories about what helps me, what interests me, what I think is important, what annoys me, what I think should be changing in health care – whatever inspires me at the time.

They are my personal thoughts and opinions and do not replace medical, psychological or any other form of professional care of health and well-being.

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