Why do I write?

Judith Safford Blogs

Trying to keep healthy with an incurable disease called Spondyloarthritis is major occupation. Spondyloarthritis causes very painful backache and swollen, tender joints. It sometimes expresses itself with other disorders. In my case it is combined with inflamatory bowel disease.

In 2019 I was treated for breast cancer, which is in itself is a challenge. However it also disrupted the fine balance that I had found in managing the autoimmune conditions and tipped me back into intense fatigue and a depressive state for a while.

In my blogs I reflect and explain what I do to keep these potentially crippling illnesses at bay and try to help people understand the realities of living with chronic disease. I tell stories about what helps me, what interests me, what I think is important, what annoys me, what I think should be changing in health care – whatever inspires me at the time.

They are my personal thoughts and opinions and do not replace medical, psychological or any other form of professional care of health and well-being.