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I am a patient expert!

Beyond managing my disease and how it affects my whole life, I have also becoming increasingly aware of being a Patient in a health system.

Health systems exist to relieve suffering; they are about helping people with health issues, hopefully even to prevent suffering in the first place. On some levels huge progress has been made, reflected by increasing life expectancy and ever more complex treatments. However health systems everywhere are in crisis and they are often fulfilling their purpose inadequately. Health systems are sick and need treatment as well!

If health care is about relieving suffering, why aren’t the true experts consulted and involved in solving the problems and improving the services?

Nobody understands what it is like to be ill better than someone who lives with illness.
Nobody knows what suffering is, who is not suffering themselves.
Nobody knows what matters and how health care could be improved better than those who are the recipients or the consumers of the services.

Patients need to be given a role in healing broken and sick health systems!

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