Covid-19 Lockdown: how is it going?

Sistine Chapel Michelangelo

As the Lockdown started in Switzerland in mid-March I wrote about my strategy to manage Corona times. I named 5 things that I thought might help me through this extraordinary period. So where am I now? How do I feel? Today decisive measures will be loosened, schools, shops and restaurants will open again. Like many … Read more Covid-19 Lockdown: how is it going?

Coronavirus: 5 tips to manage your day

Strategy for living with Coronavirus pandemic

The news gets grimmer every day. Many of us are living in Lockdown. We are frightened and understandably so. The Coronavirus disease is causing a pandemic which is shaking our beliefs, culture, daily habits and the very essence of our lives. These are life changing events for us all. Whatever this leads to, whatever we … Read more Coronavirus: 5 tips to manage your day

The Luxury of Despair

The Welsh singer-songwriter Martyn Joseph sang at a music festival in our village last August. A song was about the conflict in Palestina and the fate of those innocent civilians living there. „Despair is a luxury,“ he sang. (There’s the link – check the song out!) Those lyrics struck a chord with me. I remembered … Read more The Luxury of Despair